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A postal worker and a feminazi walk into a bar. They start talking to each other about what they do in their daily lives. “I sort through tons and tons of mail every day, and try to organize them based on destination.” The feminazi, obviously triggered by this says “HOW COULD YOU BE SO INSENSITIVE!? YOU CAN’T JUST SEPARATE MAIL JUST BASED ON WHAT’S WRITTEN ON THE ENVELOPE!!!. YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE MAIL THE CHANCE TO CHOOSE ITS OWN DESTINATION!!!” The postal worker, taken aback by this seemingly unprovoked outburst, calmly replies to the feminazi, and says “I mean, that’s what I get paid for. That’s my role at the American Samoa Post Office.” The feminazi just stared blankly, and asked the postal worker “How would you feel if someone just assumed your gender, and separated you from your friends based on that and your ‘destination?’” The postal worker replies, “Actually, I identify AS mail…”

Submitted by Grybo on 4/21/2017 9:57:27 AM



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