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Hugh Mungus Wut

Well, given that the average person has 12 pints of blood and a bottle of wine is about 1.5 pints. I’ll say I’ve had about 15 Jesuses worth of blood inside me (120 bottles of wine. I was really into wine in college...) Given that Jesus was about 150 lbs according to some blog I found and subtracting the 15 lbs of blood that has already been accounted for, that leaves us with about 135 lbs of bread for 1 Jesus. If I count pizza dough and pasta as bread (because I want to cheat). I’ve eaten 54 Jesuses worth of flesh. (An average of 7 lbs a week for 20 years) So in total I’ve had 15 complete Jesuses and 39 dry Jesuses.

Submitted by Hugh Mungus Wut on 10/27/2019 11:39:38 AM



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