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Earjack Pandasmack

My players entered into a long and winding cavern that lead to a secret underground lair of demons. They lived happy and peaceful lives feeding on blood bread and playing innocent pranks on each other. They were not mischievous to the outside world and only wanted to live in peace but the players were looking for a stolen item. A stone of immense power that within lied the dormant soul of a primal God and heard that a lamia who lives in a city of demons took it. Their search led them to a glowing glyph on the ground in the back of the city that immediately transported them to the roof of the cave. On the inverted spire they entered into the lamia's domain and ventured through her labaryinth of puzzles and traps. They finish a particular puzzle and keep exploring the room but I didnt have anything left in there. They spent a solid 20 minutes pushing and moving random objects so eventually I said "you hear a click as a small brick on the wall slides over revealing a small bowel of spicy demon salsa and some corn chips that never get cold." to this day they have no memory of anything else that happened in that dungeon... except demon salsa

Submitted by Earjack Pandasmack on 11/13/2019 3:15:01 AM



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