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Lord Wivern

I made this because I care about the Earth. I don’t care if it takes the Earth being made into an anime/manga character for people to start giving a damn. There are too many people who either don’t understand or don’t care what humans have done to our beautiful planet and it’s ridiculous! EVERY little bit counts. I’m not asking you to go hug a tree or single handedly save a forest, but I am asking you to REALIZE and care about what is happening. It’s important to know, now more than ever, that the planet we live on MATTERS. It matters more than just the species that we have driven to extinction or the beautiful sceneries that we have destroyed; we could drive this world to be uninhabitable by even humans at the current rate. Educate yourself on what is happening! Climate change is real and very dangerous (it’s one of those things that cause apocalypses {such as Waterworld} and other undesirable situations) I’m not asking you to help. I’m asking you to care. If this is what it takes then so be it.

Submitted by Lord Wivern on 1/9/2018 7:15:18 AM



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