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Umm...isn't it despite all my rage? on EVEN WITH ALL MY RAGE (Upvotes: 31)
Or like when you say you are a child at heart. Then you hang out with children. And you get arrested. And you are like, nope never mind, I'm an adult. No? Just me? on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 19)
@Hitlers Sexy Son, you are the most inconsiderate a**hole I have ever seen not only on this app, but anywhere. What the h*ll is f*cking wrong with you? Do u get pleasure from mocking and making fun of other people? People like u were the ones who got me to think I was a dumb*ss. But it's really you who is the dumbass. You wanna know why? Cause u are a b*stard. Sorry for my rant. Have a nice Memorial Day. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 19)
Don't look at her tits....don't look at her tits....damn on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 68)
@Langenator, it's a video called Guess that Youtuber! And I'm just letting you know, it's really weird. Only has 356 views. It's that girl with a guy who play the game called guess the Youtuber. It's really weird. on Seems legit (Upvotes: 15)

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