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@The Landshark , if someone dumps you from something small like that, it's a good thing, because it means it wouldn't have worked out long term. You'll find someone better, or you could bang her friend. Both are applicable on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 167)
That's odd That dog doesn't look like a German Shepherd on Doggo does planned parenthood (Upvotes: 162)
I'm pretty undecided about abortion. I love it because it supports killing children. I hate it because it gives women a choice. on men talking about women's issue (Upvotes: 150)
Dear Funny Pics Community, Over the years the community as a whole has experienced different types of humor, jokes, puns, and more. Although we typically crack racial jokes or gender jokes, it's always in good fun; hell we even make fun of science and religion. But recently everyone's been a whiny little fvcking bitch who downvotes everything that gets their panties in a knot and runs off crying to their mommy. Well fvck you, all of you tumblr-triggered dumbasses are ruining the community and ruining the experience for those who've been here for years and years and just wanna be able to screw around and laugh here and there. Sincerely, Abusive Breasts P.s. I couldn't give the slightest shjt about your opinion to this message and how it hurts your feelings ya little whiny, crying, cvnt. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 241)
Suck on that Barbados Slim! on Limbo queen (Upvotes: 88)

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