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@Scottles, We are often forced into situations we don't like because extroverted people think "they'll love this party because hanging out with and meeting new people is fun" but for us it's not. But we don't refuse to go because introverted people are usually extremely loyal to their friends and would probably go for a 3 hour walk through a Lego desert barefooted if one of their friends asked them. on Introverts unite! (Upvotes: 25)
I liked the prequels, have no issues with any particular actors (because I just simply don't care about them beyond their role in the movies), and never expected to feel the same sense of wonder I did as a child, and I can 100% say the Disney movies are trash and should be removed from canon. on Starwars (Upvotes: 48)
@Not the Night Shift, would not drive*, think about it. on When computer programmers design cars (Upvotes: 18)
@Cuactemoc4919, You realize that rule of law protects the weaker members, right? Like, if you're arguing purely from a "might makes right" standpoint, then all minorities (not speaking only of race here) would have no protection from violent majorities. The world devolves into a form of chaos before a singular group becomes the new government (not necessarily in name) by right of conquest, if nothing else. Humans will always trend toward the formation of a government and laws, though the laws may change or be disputed. If you mean to argue that cops aren't just or are corrupt, sure, some are. Same as there would be corruption and unfairness in any form of law and government. The best option we have is to change the system we already have, because starting from scratch doesn't help anyone. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 17)
You're* on Epic Fail (Upvotes: 14)

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