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@neonpurpleraven , there's divergences here. One route does vilify sex, to even do without the implicit intent to procreate is frowned upon. The other extreme are those who go about it so casually it's nothing but a sneeze to them. Both of those are equally stupid extremes. Sex is a beautiful act, but it's not something that's to be handed out like Costco samples. You remove it's beauty. Too many partners ruins any "magic" that you would have experienced with the person you love. You water it down, become numb to the psychological stimulation. That's why those with too many partners keep seeking more, they seek the psychological excitement, since it greatly increases the physiological rewards. Keep yourself at a minimum and have a partner that's ever-willing to try new ways to stimulate you, and you will never lose that magic. That's part of LOVE, and sex with love makes all other sex obsolete. That's why your parents tell you to wait. They know your rewards when you do find love. on Cleveland Jr learns why (Upvotes: 48)
They're using the effects of repelling magnetism to suspend it, but any force on anything will tip it and cause it to attract. Quantum levitation is more like BTTF, instead of using repelling forces it wraps the magnetic waves around an object, suspending the object in space. Look it up on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 23)
@Gooby, yep, it's theft. on The most evil nice thing?... (Upvotes: 22)
where's the punchline? on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 59)
So if her heart has palpitations from slamming 2 five hour energy drinks it must be love...or if if slows because she has sleep apnea they must hate each other... Having 7+ years doing EKG interpretation under my belt, and I can tell you this is utter BS. You can tell heart attacks, cardiac arrest, even if someone is scratching their but or shaving, but it will not tell you wether you love. This will tell you your love as accurate as a toaster will... on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 32)

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