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@GunLovingMerican, I actually had to suffer throigh this crap once. I waited for a good second opened my window looked at one of them in the eyes and told him that if they didnt move i was going to keep driving. Needless to say no one budged so i put my car in gear, rolled my window up and started moving two of the morons landed on the hood of my car as they tried to stop me. I cranked the speed up to 20 slammed on the brakes and watched them fly off the hood about half a mile away from their friends. Moved to besides them looked out the window and glared at the two telling them that if they keep trying thay crap one day someone wasnt going to slowly do it, instead they wouldnt stop and theyd plow through them at 70 or more. Its fine to protest but yse your brain car beats person everytime. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 36)
@Dave the barbarian, i was gonna say you're truly the most cultured of all those who comment on this post on Hentai tags (Upvotes: 12)
@amqwetts2147, isnt that every time? I mean i wouldnt know. Hahahaha heh. I lied i totally know. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 11)
One of those things can be a demon on earth and torment you until death, the other is a child on Injustice (Upvotes: 17)
@Two Left Feet, but his reflex's are too good he would catch it on Watching your language (Upvotes: 9)

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