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But that's not how this wor... you know what, carry on. on Dark statistics (Upvotes: 22)
@Brimstonebellosom, LMG mounted and ready! on Lord Tachanka (Upvotes: 7)
@Alyss Crowe, avenging my dead family Morty That was FAKE I’m driven by finding that McNugget Sauce I want that Mulan McNugget Sauce Morty That’s my series arc Morty If it takes️ 9 seasons I WANT MY MCNUGGET DIPPING SAUCE SZECHUAN SAUCE MORTY IT’S GONNA TAKE US ALL THE WAY TO THE END MORTY 9️ MORE SEASONS MORTY 9️ MORE SEASONS UNTIL I GET THAT DIPPING SZECHUAN SAUCE FOR 9️7️ MORE YEARS MORTY I WANT THAT MCNUGGET SAUCE MORTY on Neat (Upvotes: 5)
Not so fast Morty you heard your mom we’ve got adventures to go on Morty Just you and me and sometimes your sister and sometimes your mom but️ NEVER your dad! You wanna know why Morty? Because he CROSSED me Oh it gets darker Morty Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures First  thing that’s different No more dad Morty He threatened to turn me in to the government so I made him and the government go away I replaced them both as the defacto patriarch of your family and your universe Your mom wouldn’t have accepted me if I came home without you and your sister️ so now you know the real reason I rescued you I JUST  TOOK OVER THE FAMILY MORTY️ And if you tell your mom or sister I said any of this I’ll deny it And they’ll take my side because I’m a hero Morty And now you’re gonna have to do whatever I say Morty Forever And I’ll go out and find some more of that Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauce Morty Because that’s what this is all about Morty That’s my one arm man I’m not driven by on Neat (Upvotes: 5)
This is amazing... I want more gone with the blast wave darn it! on Romantically Apocalyptic (Upvotes: 4)

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