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@EatMyAss, my thoughts on the whole, "I'm a woman in a mans body" or "I'm a man in a womans body" is very simple. If you don't shove it in my face, I don't really care. You feel disassociated from your natural gender, and you went to fix that. Maybe physically, maybe mentally. Why should I care? It doesn't affect me, so why would I het up in arms about it. Tl:dr Don't care if it's not jammed in my face. on Not as good as a conch (Upvotes: 40)
But that's not how this wor... you know what, carry on. on Dark statistics (Upvotes: 22)
@Dexios S Divine, My personal favorite "THE GOVERNMENT IS TURNING THE FROGS GAY" on Tripping on the moon (Upvotes: 26)
Oh good, this upload didn't fail on me. But seriously, if pornhub is doing their plant a tree thing, I might just start leaving it running in the background. on always plant trees. (Upvotes: 14)
Just give me a listen, you corpses of cheer. At least those of you, who still got an ear. on DID SOMEONE SAY SPOOPY (Upvotes: 12)

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