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@angrynarwhals, to my date and asked her if she needed anything before she went home (as she was a firm believer in abstinence). "Yea, but it's just something small" "Anything you want" "I need about tree fiddy" It was about this time I realized that my date was actually a 7 story tall crustacean from the palezoic era. Goddamnit! The Lochness monster had tricked me again. I yelled at her as she swam away, never to be heard from again. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 154)
They put it on temporarily when around heavy machinery in non combat situations. The first casualty of Desert Storm was when a soldier was ran over by a troop transport, because he couldn't see him in his camo. They take it off in combat of course, but it mainly serves the purpose of making camoflaged people easily visible when they're supposed to be. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 129)
Story Time! So when I was 20 and a sophomore in college, I had this really cute girl I sat next to in my biology class (We'll call her shauna). I had quite an open obsession with lord of the rings, and after talking to the girl, I found she had never seen or read LOTR. But, being clever, I offered to take her on a date to watch fellowship. She said yes and was excited, but she said that she wanted to read the books first before she watched them. So, I lended my non annotated copies to her for a couple weeks. During the few weeks we would talk about the book she was on, and it became clear that she was loving it. At the end of two weeks, she gave me my books back and said she was ready to watch the movies with me. So we cleared our schedules for that friday night! Now, I had deep cleaned... on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 97)
One time for halloween we got 3 story scaffolding and put it up in our front yard, and covered it with stone brick printed tarp. I stood on top as the wizard, and my dad and mom opened the draw bridge for trick or treaters. Another year us and the neigbors across the street built pirate ship facades and had a battle with air cannons that fired angry birds, while making kids walk the plank for candy. I might upload pics one day with a funny caption. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 97)
@angrynarwhals, my apartment in preparation to ask her, but while she was reading the books I had completely let it go. It didn't help that I had a roommate who could only be compared to gollum. So on friday, I got home from school to a complete mess. I was supposed to be picking her up in an hour! I quickly went to my roommate, who even though was no cleaner than dirt, was really nice. I asked him to help me, but he had one condition. He had to watch it with us. As I screamed internally, I gritted my teeth and accepted. He was very helpful and we got the apartment deep cleaned in no time. I even convinced him to shower (a concept lost to him). So, with the apartment cleaned, I went to pick up my date. I even got her flowers! I took her hand and led her down to my car. I opened the door for her, and even put my jacket down so she didn't have to step in the mud. I was doing things textbook perfect. So, in the car, I decided.. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 94)

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