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@Thor, A careless suburban father, named Chad, is on the phone discussing the details to the birthday party he's planning when his rigid baby begins to float into the air via a set of balloons for said party. Enter Vietnamese Jesus who nonchalantly waves his hand and reverses the flow of gravity, bringing the child back, much to Chand's surprise. Some of that Vietnamese Jesus magic spreads however and a paraplegic man suddenly finds that he has a lit cig in his lap and merrily takes a puff. For on that day, Vietnamese Jesus performed miracles. on Baby (Upvotes: 102)
Khajiit has genders if you have coin. on Genders (Upvotes: 79)
This guy is a lowlife. He doesn't deserve the positive attention he's getting. on Convict (Upvotes: 113)
@HeavenlySky, he was arrested in California for gang related crimes, possessing a firearm, and being connected to human trafficking. And girls are all swooning over him because he's attractive and talking about how they'd let him rape them. Just a disgusting fad that needs to end. on Convict (Upvotes: 112)
That face when you finish and she keeps sucking. on Books Are Weapons (Upvotes: 66)

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