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@anonymous source, close but no... The first pic is what's called stamping, or stamped concrete. It's basically... They pour concrete and use the big stamps to give it the expensive paver look. It makes a $400 job look like a $5000 job. I use to be a foreman over a residential/commercial hardscape/masonry crew... Stamped concrete pisses me off. It takes 1/10 of the time to do and last a very short amount of time(couple of years), compared to pavers that(if done correctly) can last longer than you live... The more ya know..... Lol on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 69)
@MeatStick, yea.. I'm currently in a nursing program and people don't realize how bad the overuse of that stuff is.. Its leading to superviruses and antibiotic resistance in certain bacteria... Example of one is mrsa which is a staph infection with resistance to a certain antibiotic.. Can't believe I'm getting downvoted for enlightening people lol.. Oh well.. Sorry to ruin their funny with enlightenment on go tell every germ to go die (Upvotes: 61)
@InTheBathroom, he's incorrect.. Just like all of our body isn't controlled by exclusively the brain(we have the brain stem, medula, etc...), This specific fish, along with many others, has some of its neurological control centers located in its spine.. Therefore even though it's had is off, not all of its control centers were removed... Science.. on NOOOPPPPEE (Upvotes: 47)
@DrSin, the delivery fee pizza companyies charge actually doesn't go to the drivers.... Misleading stuff.... It started when gas went up to $5/gal, which most people on this app are probably too young to remember.. The pizza companies justified the new delivery fees by saying it was compensating gas... But the drivers do not even get it.... I'm pretty sure most of them put it on the boxes as well. Domino's where I'm at charges $2.50 delivery fee, and their boxes state that the money doesn't go to the drivers, to not forget to tip them.... That took entirely too much of my time... So if you're still reading this, thanks.... on title (Upvotes: 39)
False.... That small percentage is the really bad stuff that is too strong for the alcohol to kill(ex.prions).. Exactly the reason that hand sanitizer is actually more bad than good for you. It kills off the healthy skin microbiota and decreases competition and natural defenses that normal skin bacteria provide. It's way overused.... Sorry(not sorry) for the rant.. But #themoreyouknow on go tell every germ to go die (Upvotes: 87)

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