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Eagle on Lets keep it going (Upvotes: 88)
Stop trying to find hidden layers and just be impressed. I'm a pickle! on What's in the syringe? (Upvotes: 8)
@NinnyHammer, that was kind of what Supernatural was, but then it went off the deep end. on Happy Halloween! (Upvotes: 5)
@Awesome Naked Taco, I looked up the songs you mentioned and more, and I would not call him a musical genius. Calling someone a musical genius is more objective than subjective meaning I feel like proof is needed to support this claim. That being said from what I looked at he’s not really a genius. No smart word play, barely any use of multiple syllable rhymes, no real use of alliteration, his lyrics seem to lack any real cleverness or discernible skill. Plus I don’t think he produces his own beats, but I could be wrong on that. He did seem to have a unique style, but I feel like every artist should, so I don’t view that as a qualifier only an inherent disqualifier. Not meaning it disqualifies him, but it’s the bare minimum. I’ll give him credit for having strong emotional presence in his songs, and even though I don’t like his music, he had some catchy choruses. Now I’m not saying you can’t like him or enjoy his music, but that he wasn’t really a genius. on XXX (Upvotes: 4)
@Sgtcookie15, I've played hockey my whole life, and I don't find these very funny or logical. What would work a lot better is gifs. Then again if it's just players being out of position I don't think it's that hilarious. Edit: Plus are you sure he scored. Based on the pic it looks like the puck is still in play by the glass, probably in possession by the left defense. on More hokey (Upvotes: 6)

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