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@Lord Cthulhu, aw dude, thats cringe af on Makes sense now (Upvotes: 69)
I feel like its something thats overlooked in terms of how important it was to building the empire... but the romans had some of the best engineers ever. Sure their organisation and martial power helped them become the power they were but their engineering feets and inventions are just as important in how they became so dominate. Just like the greeks the romans knew how science, engineering, mathematics, etc if prioritised resulted in a wide reaching benefits. Something nations today could learn from. on Just Silly Roman Things (Upvotes: 32)
@spadaccini1993, I don't think you can really address and fix problems without pointing out that they exist on Murica fvck yeah (Upvotes: 28)
Ngl watching american news about your own nation or others at times is hilarious. They get things so catastrophically wrong constantly on Media distrust (Upvotes: 27)
I Just want to want to PSA to the Americans out there that this isn't an attack on you. Maybe the wording was a bit harsh but like no country is perfect. One area that America does relatively worse in compared to other developed countries is heathcare. Sure America is one of the leaders in medical technology and has some of the best doctors/hospitals in the world but overall on the whole healthcare statistically worse than other countries. This isn't a compition if anyone points out flaws in my country I will for sure accept them if we can improve. For me Patroitism isn't supporting your country no matter what. Patroitism is wanting the best for your country. I see someone saying things like stop sellings drugs nd treatments etc to Norway... Cmon is this the way we react to criticial thought. Lets work together and make things better for both sides on shots fired (Upvotes: 59)

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