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Noah then takes one turtle and throws it aside. Left to die with her fertlie eggs, she waits as the flood comes in. As she is thrown around by the waves, she is crushed againist a rock nearby, badly injure, slowly dying. But her eggs, safely burried, soon hatch, they emerge into this water world and see her, knowing their mother they try to help. Its tell late, with her dying breathe she ask them too swear vengence on Noah. They can't believe they are left alone in this world. Serveral days pass with lil food found they decide to surface. There a rat, laying on a bushcraft boat reading an art book see them, "ah hello im Splinter" what are your names. They look confused but explain their short story. "Noah has banished me as well, let me teach the way of the ninja so we shall take our revenge." on Two blue jays (Upvotes: 67)
Woah, im Catholic and i dont disagree with evolution, sexuality, or psychology. I have friends who believe in witchcraft and im okay with that, i hope peeps understand not all christians are like this on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 64)
*raises hand* i know this one, its Noelle Easton in Brazzer's 'Life of the party'. *For expected comments, no my username has nothing to do with Brazzers. on 😮 (Upvotes: 52)
Thats right use those 4 legs of yours and run free. Be free chair, dont let that horse abuse you. on Sometimes it's all in your head (Upvotes: 75)
Took me a sec to see it was candy with paper when i thought it was raw meat with fat. on Eating the paper (Upvotes: 41)

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