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@crazysheep, she refused to do porn with male actors who had also done gay porn because AIDS screening is alarmingly unreliable in the industry. Porn actresses do this all the time but for some reason Ames was pegged as a homophobe for it and harassed to no end. She had had her fair share of issues beforehand and this was the straw on the camel's back, driving her to suicide. on Dead porn star (Upvotes: 75)
@Scarlet Js Evil Twin, A few weeks ago, I had a friend who had been awake for 48 hours on a dare. In the middle of a conversation, he fell asleep, but kept talking. He kept insisting that if someone put the microwave on the stove, it needed to stay there indefinitely. Then he began to make world domination plans; "what if we put a battery on a boat, and use it to get to Turkey. We could invade those fvckers for sure" on Spook (Upvotes: 58)
@The Last Roman, you shut your whore mouth, filthy Catholic. on Partially Roman (Upvotes: 49)
This is why you either don't buy a waifu pillow, keep it secret, or burn it when you no longer want it. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 30)
Is that Nuketown? on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 30)

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