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Putting that art degree to good use I see on Serving Done Right (Upvotes: 105)
Wouldn't the larger inch cause it to come out as a smaller number on every man knows (Upvotes: 102)
What a scrub, the answer is so easy. You start by drawing the triangle, which splits the airstream into two directions. Since the car was going 20kph that will be the initial velocity of the triangle. By drawing a control volume on the surface of the triangle, we use the density of air and the velocity to calculate air resistance. Now here comes the tricky part, since the question asks specifically about the quantity of cupcakes, not their velocity, we can eliminate the triangle from the equation all together by multiplying by the ratio of souls per density hour. Since the question asks about just one single soul, you divide by the Reynolds number of souls and you get your quantity of cupcakes.. Easy! on TESTS! (Upvotes: 80)
@Prof Peeps, yes I agree with this 100%. I hate how popular culture makes it seem like sex is the glue that holds a relationship together. If sex is what's holding your relationship together then you don't have much of a relationship. I would much rather have a relationship where I'm still entirely satisfied even if we never had sex ever. Because that means there's something REAL that makes me want her. What do you think happens when you get married? Sex? Now you know why there are so many divorces. Now don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying once I find the girl I actually love, I'll enforce a strict chastity rule. Sex is the whipped cream on top that just makes it more luxurious. There's a reason sex with no relationship makes you feel empty. Have you ever just ate a ton of pure whipped cream and hated yourself afterwards? Hope you understand.... on Movies and Chill (Upvotes: 73)
@Zataul, not to geek out or anything, but scientists recently tested an experiment to annihilate a down quark by destroying it's entangled up quark pair.... From 15 miles away!!! They succeed! Not only does this have massive implications for quantum mechanics but for the very future itself. I mean data was literally teleported faster than the speed of light a distance of 15 miles. Albeit 15 miles is not a lot and the "data" was just a tiny destruction of something smaller than an atom, but it was revolutionary nonetheless. It means extraterrestrial colonization can be practical. You could one day "Skype" with people sent to Mars without the massive 45 minute delay. You could one day Skype with people on Earth without the massive delay too ;) and it doesn't end there. We can unlock the secrets of a black hole by sending something inside and still be able to communicate. We can set up monitoring posts around the Galaxy one day and truly become a feasible united galactic species! on My 2015 wardrobe (Upvotes: 57)

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