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WHY CANT YOU LET ME FORGET MY PAIN ;-; on He don't get it (Upvotes: 262)
JESUS CHRIST, I was just in the random section for FOUR FVCKING DAYS AND DIDNT REALIZE, I was like "oh, a lot of reposts recently, but what's new I guess," and then I found a picture where I was top comment and I just stared at my screen feeling dead inside. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 160)
Fun fact! The Mars rover is actually programmed to sing itself happy birthday every year since its touched down on Mars. So somewhere (when,) on the dead and silent planet of Mars, rover is out there, looking into the barren oblivion of the dessert planet, quietly singing happy birthday as it sits in eternal solace. on Rover (Upvotes: 112)
That went 0 to 100 real fvckin quick on Support the arts (Upvotes: 110)
Because the diamond market is a shame to put things frankly. Not only are they horribly monopolized, but the actual value of diamond is nothing close to what they are being sold for. There are warehouses filled with diamonds for no other reason than keeping them out of the market to artificially inflate value of these little shlts. But hey, "they're pretty, and you're culturally expected to buy one if you want to get married" so tough luck society on Me too (Upvotes: 98)

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