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She's getting hotter. Is this global warming? on Earth-chan (Upvotes: 148)
I am ok with this. I don't believe in soul mates. I am married and love my wife but still, had I not found her, I believe I would have found someone else. That person would have made me more happy/ as happy/ less happy than I am now. And despite that belief, I wouldn't change my decision. The fact that there might be (probably is) someone who might be a better fit, doesn't make me love my wife any less. It doesn't take away from how absurdly awesome she is and how much I live to make her happy. We found each other. We make eachother happy. We are a team that strengthens one another. That's enough. That's a lot. To those who think they'll never find 'the one', I say "you might be right." But there are so many great people (at least 200 out of the 7billion) out there who are at least a 90% match. I'm not saying to settle, I'm saying that you shouldn't give up. This was more Facebook than FP but still. I think people should know. A lot of people out there seem sad so.. yeah. on Im gonna make all of you feel bad (Upvotes: 69)
... *stunned silence* ... I feel like a small dog watching meat rain from the sky.... I’m confused and there are so many directions I could go from here but... I just watch. Amazed. on baby daddy (Upvotes: 55)
@TanktheTitanium, wait are you surprised? on Read the comment (Upvotes: 53)
Ok, inappropriate and I love my local police but this was funny. Let’s all just have a laugh and keep moving. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 48)

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