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@LeeSinsEyes, that's a pretty rookie like number, you need to pumps those numbers up on 301749-kms (Upvotes: 70)
Best one yet you traitor on Mario Traitors (Upvotes: 58)
Okay, here's a good story from my life: I was about 18 at the time, and I had just gotten my drivers license. Being the excited teenager I was, I decided I wanted to take the car out for a spin with my friends (here in California you can do that if you get you license at 18). Well, as we were driving down the street I noticed a children's lemonade stand that was set up alongside the road. Being the cautious driver I am, I slowed down and made sure to look around, and being the reckless friends they were, they yelled at me to stop so that they could get some lemonade. Well I did pull over and stop, and we all got out for some lemonade. When I went up to the little girl, I asked her how much the lemonade was. She said "about tree fiddy." WELL IT WAS ABOUT DAT TIME That I noticed this little girl was no little girl. She was a 8 story tall creature from the Mesozoic era wearing a Girl Scouts outfit and some fake blond braids. I shouted "you ain't gettin no tree fiddy outta me monstah!" - on Smo Queed's story (Upvotes: 54)
@ JCLEMZ, right, he gets the management position and by that I mean he gets to whip those brats while they work on Kids seeing a Gameboy (Upvotes: 54)
-> We jumped back into my car and drove off. When we got to our stop, a Mcdonalds, we decided to go through the drive through. After we all payed for our meals, we somehow ended up with the exact change of three dollars and fifty cents. I was a bit baffled, but never the less it didn't even phase me, as I was too excited to be driving my friends. Well when we got back to the car my friends decided they wanted their change back. So I asked, "how much change do you need?" Jokingly of course. They said "about tree fiddy." WELL WHO'D A THUNK IT, that damned Loch-o-ness monstah was back again, and this time he was usin puppets to bamboozle me. So I shouted "YOU AINT GETTIN NO TREE FIDDY" and peeled out. Never saw my friends again. on Smo Queed's story (Upvotes: 48)

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