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If I say gif I piss off half the people I say it to. If I say jif I piss off half he people I say it to. So I just say "Graphics Interchange Format" every single time. Pisses off everybody. on Gif (Upvotes: 101)
He obviously hasn't grown a condom yet. on Dumb yahoo (Upvotes: 218)
@DHS Crisis Actor, there he goes. He's so smart guys. He's got it all figured out. Look at his intelligence, it's blinding. He's unlocked the secrets of the universe. Bogdanoffs bow down to him. There he goes. He knows marriage is a scam. He knows there's literally no benefits whatsoever, certainly no benefits of taxes, legitimacy of child custody, increased ease of adoption, etc. There he goes. He's got it all figured out, because he's so incredibly smart, and literal billions of people who came before him were just too dumb to figure out what he already knows, just like we are. There he goes. on Will you marr- ...? (Upvotes: 75)
Looks like Shane finally got fired from Walmart. on I think he's perfect! (Upvotes: 70)
Well, time to be best friends with this guy. on You have no power here (Upvotes: 107)

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