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@Pachirisu, Purchase a cheap plane ticket on Summer vacation tips (Upvotes: 53)
@Inadequate one, Not even technically true. Just because Germans helped, doesn't mean it was an invetion of Germany. The Manhattan Project was an American Project made possible by American Industry, Infrastucture, and Investment. There were German scientists, but there were also American, Canadian, French, and British ones as well, not including all the American engineers. It was tested in America (The South West), overseen by the American Government, shipped to a recently captured American constructed Airbase in Okiniawa captured on the backs of countless dead American Marines on an American ship. It was deployed by an American B-29 bomber, with an American crew. So no, the nuclear bomb is not German, it is American. on Revenge is sweet (Upvotes: 47)
When I was a teenager, I almost smoked a cigarette, but my dad caught me. He, being a smoker, told me it was one of the worst decisions of his life, and hoped that I would not make his same mistake. Ten years later, my father has passed away of esophageal cancer and I thank him for the lesson he taught me. That is until I saw this meme. Now I really wish I could go back in time and enjoy that cigarette, because this gave me fücking cancer anyway. on Homemade Meme (Upvotes: 36)
I can't handle this on Let's shake hands (Upvotes: 34)
Ummmm, why isn't she moving? on I GUESS (Upvotes: 25)

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