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I am a female and i can promise you I'll be angry and furious if you hit me because I hit you but once I've eaten I will remember I was in the wrong and deserved to be hit. I expect to be hit if i hit someone else. And I'll never hit someone unless they hit me because i know what is like to be hit and it's not a good feeling. on Equality (Upvotes: 2)
Do things that won't get you banned and you won't have this problem. What a loser. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 1)
Sometimes you know you're wrong and when the opportunity presents itself for a learning experience you take it. on Picturism Funny (Upvotes: 1)
I grew up on a farm. My dad is a farmer. His friends are farmers. Do you know why this article is true? Because anyone who ISN'T a farmer ISN'T JACKED unless they workout or have an equally laboring job. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 0)
I was always told to not close the door. FOR ONE THIS IS MY COUSIN. FOR TWO THIS ISN'T THE SOUTH. on I have no friends (Upvotes: 0)

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