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@Medal Delivery Boy, You deserve a medal! on Happy 100k Picture (Upvotes: 24)
Hello everybody! My name is... well, just look below. I change my name a lot. I have been lurking in the shadows for almost 3 1/2 years, ever since I got my Kindle Fire. Ive witnessed the rise and fall of numerous personalities. Historian, Jamal, Plants, Invalid Chicken and MACWE, Squilliam... When you finally became able to comment on the free app, I joined you as "The funnypics police". I even exposed a downvote troll once.Sadly, though the account got corrupted, and I was crippled of my ability to speak to you. Making another account didnt help. Eventually, a few updates later, I unbroke it, somehow. TLDR Your days are numbered, Downvote trolls on No Outside Food (Upvotes: 6)
I LOVE IT on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 1)
@Browser11, I stopped reading ~volume 25, when they started revealing new powers that even topped "The Ultimate power" Every volume on Michelles bankai! (Upvotes: 0)

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