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@JewishXenu, multiply 9 by 2 and you get 18 so it should he legal if ya grab 2. on Almost (Upvotes: 44)
@Medic135, thats the step dad decision. on age 27 (Upvotes: 40)
Totally unrelated story time! So i was breaking my qurantine today walking around coughing on children. When a mom freaks out on me.( what a b!tch right?) Anyway she calling the cops and im all like yeah right. So i go on with my coughing on children hobby when i hear sirens in the distance. Bitch actrually called the cops on me so i start running. But hes in a car and im not. So i start cutting through alleyways but the cop corners me in a yard. He looms over me and says "Your in alot of trouble dude" So im all like " is there anything i can do to convince you not to take me in." Cop leans over and says " i can think of a few things" So i start getting in my knees when he says "no i meant money." Now im a little down cause i thought i was gonna get me some. So i ask how much. And the dude looks down on me and says "How about tree fiddy" Well it was about this time i noticed he was actrually a 3 story tall dinasoar from the mesozoic era. So i say "GET OUTTA HERE LOCHNESS MONSTER! on Tree fiddy (Upvotes: 39)
@TubasDad, i was with you until you said vore your dog. on Title (Upvotes: 38)
Aww twitter where isis is allowed to recruite and anarcho communists can advocate murdering white people but center left and center right people are banned for reporting the news. on Owl (Upvotes: 37)

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