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Greg was on his way to portion with his date Susan, a card carrying member of the north-hills valley seeing club. They were rushed to get to the dance but Susan really had to ship a brand new sewing machine she promised her grandma for an early Christmas in July present. As the couple was on their way to the post office, they passed a UPS truck and decided to cut or the middle man by throwing the machine onto the truck. Unfortunately the driver of the truck was secretly a spy on his way to a sect under water lair. As Greg and Susan were about to jump onto the truck the spy made a quick turn right into the pond. Unfortunately it was the wrong pond and Susan died in the accident. Now, while the spy explains the situation to the cops, Greg has nothing but the sewing machine left to remember Susan by. But he won't let that ruin his night... on You lost me (Upvotes: 108)
Nope. Get this the fvck outta here. Unlike the friends at fosters, Hobbes is tied to a physical object. Therefore as long as Calvin has his stuffed animal, Hobbes is with him. And even if he may not make him come to life or go on adventures anymore, he still has the very real memory of him. Someday, Calvin will be able to give Hobbes to his kid and Hobbes will be right back to the way he was. There's actually a fan comic about that and it's pretty good. So nice try artist, but you lose this round! on Calvin and Hobbes (Upvotes: 74)
There's enough room on that counter for two bottles. on randjum (Upvotes: 72)
FLAME ON on he ded (Upvotes: 71)
That one in black doesn't even stand out! What a noob. on Ninja Rainbow! (Upvotes: 64)

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