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You posted this picture right? Yep. And it was original content? Yep. And then you posted it again? Yep. So it's a repost? ....but it's original content on Its not my gender (Upvotes: 50)
Well I don't think Malala would say no to a fvcking Ferrari just cause she's a humanitarian on Faith in Humanity (Upvotes: 71)
Funny Pics Commandments: 1. Thou shalt not post opinionated sociopolitical comments. 2. Thou shalt reference how accepting everyone is. 3. Thou shalt explain how long you've been here, never posting until this momentous occasion. 4. Thou shalt apologize for a long post, especially when thou hast not posted lengthily. 5. Thou shalt not enjoy mainstream culture such as swag. 6. If doth picture posted pertains to a band, t.v. show, movie, or other popular medium, the top comment shall be the name of said medium. 7. If song lyrics be posted, thou shalt quote the entire chorus in the comments. 8. Thou shalt not prescribe to the teachings of iFunny. 9. Thou shalt give automatic respect to military personnel, regardless of your knowledge of their personality and worth, excepting when said personnel omits this information in their first comment. 10. Thou shalt strive always for a top comment, when eternal peace may be bestowed. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 111)
@Swagneto, *officer sweating* Where? on Sneak in and capture (Upvotes: 30)
Whoa guys, conspiracy. The W isn't in the shadow! on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 62)

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