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@crazylampshademan, Part 1: I'm sorry for what you had to go through. I think this platform was made to make pretty much any joke you want. The audience argument, in my perspective, is not a great argument. A rape victim can find rape jokes funny, a sexually harassed victim can find sexual harassment jokes funny and every victim, can find every victim joke funny. You can't define a audience well, it's really hard to know who is coming to see your jokes. Despite being on this app for at least 7years, I still am not sure which type of people come on this app. Everyday, I learn something about someone new. I can't define what you, or what anyone wants. Today, I learnt about you, your story, and your struggles. But yesterday, I learnt about another person, on the same platform, talking about his struggles as an accused pedophile. Everyone is different Continue in part 2 on Hold on tight and don't let go (Upvotes: 71)
@Frodrevo, it's poetry, you wouldn't understand on What a story (Upvotes: 61)
@Pryz, the amount of effort put into that comment is beyond anything I've done in life on Nothing (Upvotes: 55)
He'll drown, but not in water. on Smoother than heck (Upvotes: 55)
*quickly runs to church* on Nice try (Upvotes: 52)

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