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Funny story that this reminded me of, my younger brother recently hit puberty and now that he's taller than me he thinks that gives him the right to push me around and call me weak. Well one day he was talkin sh*t while I was practicing on my punching bag so I told him to try and hold the bag still while I punched, well I took one hit and the force knocked him across the room into the wall. He learned that day that just cause he was bigger didn't mean he was stronger. I have been weight lifting and training since childhood and he sits at a computer playing video games all day; he never stood a chance against his big sis xD on one punch man (Upvotes: 90)
Okay so when I was about 8-9 when I started my period and I never got "the talk" so when I went into middle school they had the Family Education class but they never explained you needed sex in order to get pregnant they only really covered pregnancy and periods so by this point I had started having relatively normal cycles but the stress messed it up and I missed not just one but 3 periods so I start freaking out and I was raised by a die hard christian mother so immediately I thought I was pregnant like Mary and I cried so much but I didn't want to tell my mom cause she would always say mean things about pregnant teens so eventually those missed periods caught up to me and I had probably the most painful and horrific one of my entire existence up until that point and I after like 3 days of this I broke into hysterics and thought I was having a miscarriage and told my mom, she of course straightened me out after laughing at me and to this day she still teases me over it. on Pregnancy (Upvotes: 44)
@Unique Username 2, My mother makes fun of my boyfriend who is 5' 2" and just a few nights ago while she was drunk she started calling him a leprechaun. My sister's boyfriend joined in and asked me if I was after his lucky charms, so as calmly as I could I answered, "I don't have to, he gives them willingly and yes they are delicious." My sister's boyfriend looked grossed out and my mom just broke into hysterical laughter while my sister sat in the background shaking her head at us. Honestly I was so mad I wanted to scream at them for being jerks over something my boyfriend has no control over but he kept telling me to calm down because hey he was short and it's nothing that he hasn't heard before. I still didn't like it so instead whenever they'd start to tease I would just tease them back worse and eventually they stopped and started telling drunken stories. on muscles (Upvotes: 43)
I remember one time I had to get up super early and take my boyfriend to work when his car broke and when I got back since I didn't have to work I went back to sleep but my roommate of the time heard me come in and wanted me to go shopping with her. I just wanted to sleep but instead of saying so my brain decided to just pull the cover over my head and whine out "noooooooooo I'm a turtle go away" so she decided to start poking me in my side causing me to yelp due to how ticklish I am and I was scooting back. Well eventually I ran out of room and fell off the bed still clutching the blanket. So now she's trying to yank it and I'm trying to hide and her cat comes in and starts pouncing on me because she thinks it's a game, and then her cat dug her little claws into my thigh and I bolted up because d@mn it that's sensitive and while I was up my then roommate just smirks and says that since I'm up I can go to the mall with her and by that point I knew I wasn't getting any more sleep. on My Spirit Animal (Upvotes: 36)
This dog has the look of a man who has made a great mistake. on Hump anything if you're brave enough (Upvotes: 34)

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