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Story time. When I was 15 I went into a public restroom when I thought everyone else had gone out, since I can't go when there's other people in there. I sat in the middle stall and started doing my business. I was humming a song that I had been listening to a lot at the time. Out of nowhere DICK enters my stall through a glory hole. I freeze up and have no idea what to do. Can't get out of there since I still haven't finished my business. Dick just sits there, staring at me. The guy on the other side says "Come on man". Still have no idea what to do. I let out a wet fart and the dick slowly retracts from my stall. The guy says "sorry" and then leaves. on Not So Glorious Hole (Upvotes: 143)
🌷🌵🌿 👖👖👖 on Hot stuff (Upvotes: 121)
@abuelita de batman, 7765243842047695-547-0317 Did I do it right? on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 99)
Lol, I like how he throws out that discreet middle finger right before he pushed the girl off. on I'm studying!! (Upvotes: 84)
Well then, fvck you too Donovan. on Wow, thanks! (Upvotes: 79)

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