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@Jecal41, Cap and Thor are leagues apart in terms of strength... on Spider-Man is stupidly strong (Upvotes: 31)
Hey as a Canadian I always wanted to ask, at this point isn't quite impossible to try and ban guns due to the amount and relative distributed ownership? Im just really wondering if mandatory gun safety would be the solution? Like starting from a 1st grade "Don't touch and get an adult" to grade 9-10 proper handling, safety checks, and storage. To like a grade 11 or 12 psych or social mentality behind guns. on Tyranny (Upvotes: 13)
@PoliticalOtters, ya no im pretty sure @Rtas Vadum, was talking about the black vet who was gunned down by police..... turns out black people arent always shot doing gang related activities on NRA handshake (Upvotes: 9)
@big freedom, Thanks for an inside glimpse! Its weird, people are making jokes about americans but its only further serves to give them a scapegoat to measure their problems against..... the gun issue seems like you've just gone to complete opposite ends of a spectrum. Not talking about a guy masturbating in park doesn't stop him from traumatizing a park full of kids on Tyranny (Upvotes: 6)
@ThePandaPool , not really they were pretty quiet when the black army vet was gunned down by cops in an actual good guy with a gun scenario, the NRA has long since been revealed to be shady as fuvk on NRA handshake (Upvotes: 18)

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