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Look mom, I'm on the TV! on Time Out (Upvotes: 125)
In other words, the only people content in life are bitchy bimbos. on Why (Upvotes: 99)
@Ryzzmac, it'd be nice to live in a fairytale world where you could tell people not to be malicious and they wouldn't. But bad people are going to do bad things. Like you said, at least they're providing a solution instead of complaining about a problem. on Great invention (Upvotes: 97)
@FishstickKitty, my great uncle took me hunting when I was 9 and I shot a teal our first trip out. After cleaning the birds, Grandpa Les (as we refer to him) told me all the men in the family have to either eat the heart of their first kill or drink some of its blood. I quickly reached into his hand and popped that cherry tomato sized vascular organ in my mouth and started chomping away. A look of horror crept across his face as he said, "Holy shjt, no one's actually ever fell for that before." It didn't turn me into a sociopath, but I no longer trust the elderly. on Chloe the hunter (Upvotes: 91)
If it's true then this is actually super cool of the guy. on TItle (Upvotes: 89)

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