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I had an English teacher in high school who had at one point gone to my school with a boy who was now a chemistry teacher at my school. He had given her a love note and she didn't know what to do so she corrected it and give it back to him, and now they work together at the high school they both went to where she awkwardly rejected his love via her future career. Awkward..... on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 83)
Calligraphy is music for the eyes on chill (Upvotes: 67)
Strict parents make sneaky kids on go girl (Upvotes: 48)
Honestly when they do "gender reversed" anything, though mostly movies, it doesn't help feminism in the slightest. It just ends up failing and it makes it seem almost segregated like guys should prefer the male prominent movies and women should prefer female dominant movies. Just hire actors/actresses that fit the character role, I don't even care if a guy fits a female role better than any of the female candidates then put some makeup on him and have him do the role and vice versa. Sorry for the rant just tired of bad movies that are bad because they try to make them more tolerant instead of just hiring people that would do the job well. on Cashgrabsssss (Upvotes: 44)
Two girls one roach on Blowjob Competition (Upvotes: 43)

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