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So, the back ground to this, in case anyone doesn't know already, is that in a common ethics problem, a train is going to run over 5 people and kill them, there is however a switch in the tracks that, if activated, would change the trains course and kill only one person. The ethical question here is: do you do nothing and let 5 people die? Or do you switch the track and actively murder 1 person, obviously (or at least to me) there is no right answer as both outcomes would be tragic. Then enter the innocent child, what choice would he make? Whose lives would he decide are more valuable, honestly I was very interested, what would he choose? Aw, that's so adorable, he wants to save all of the.... oh... ohh.... well I don't know why I expected anything else to be honest... on A philosopher was born that day (Upvotes: 100)
Do you want demons? Because that's how you get demons... on Oh that's nasty. (Upvotes: 79)
The best kind of racist is an accurate racist I guess on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 70)
I hate what we, as society, have become on Baby gender equality? (Upvotes: 66)
"come on Kiiiiiiim! You gotta fund the missile" "Yeah I know!" "And don't forget to feed your scientists!" "Well which is it? Fund the missile or feed the scientists!?" "...well.. it's both" on He's tryin' (Upvotes: 62)

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