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@Drunk Pantless Uncle, you just became your own judge, Jury and executioner on Yeah she's a trap (Upvotes: 95)
@Sexy Homunculus, slowly pushes fingers into kids chest, kid grunts in pain, cyborg slowly grasp his heart, guess what kiddo, it’s mine now. Cyborg stares the kids in the eyes as he eats his heart on Reboot Titans (Upvotes: 77)
Just to be honest here, as a person who checks an entire building after events. The women’s bathroom is always nastier then the men’s on War (Upvotes: 70)
I hate to do this today, but, if your are feeling lonely , sad and desperate reach out to a friend or family or call 1-800-273-8255, today I got one of the worst call in a long time, my great friends sister called me, to tell me he had passed away. I thought to myself no, if I keep talking on the phone with her it wasn’t real, if I didn’t stop taking it wasn’t happening, but sadly it was already over, it crushed me to learn this, reach out for help, talk to people don’t fight this alone. I’m gonna miss the hell outa you Joe, I hope you found peace my dear friend. I’ll always remember you. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 67)
What kind of pathetic attempt at bbq is this? Even Ray Charles can see this is a load of bullshït on Just no (Upvotes: 64)

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