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I use to work at subway when a man came in ordering two different 6inch subs, he wanted me to ring it up as a foot long 5$ sub. When I told him I could not do that( on a count that they were premium 8$ subs) he lost his mind for 10 min, he then threw the subs over my head and gave me a 20$ tip. Like WTF? Thank you ass hole? on customer service (Upvotes: 16)
Do you guys remember when PS1 disc had the sound track inter grated inside the disc so you can play it on CD player. I remember twisted metal, tony hawk and ridge racer. Good old days on Funny (Upvotes: 15)
Omg yes. Sucks I have to drive 16 miles to get good tacos. Also I just saw Gabriel Iglesias live in D.C! on THE TRUTH!!! (Upvotes: 12)
Something every weird and awkward guy wants to hear from a women. on you're weird... (Upvotes: 12)
Wow, this describes me so well. All my friends already have there bachelors and master degrees , while I was still working in fast food. I finally quit my job to go to college, I am 27 and going to college with kids who just came out of high school feel so old and feel like a loser. Only saving grace is that I am getting A's and B's so far. on helpful friend (Upvotes: 10)

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