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@theshadosnipe, okay but every at risk person you infect by travelling might have a problem with that on Traveling the world for 30$ (Upvotes: 30)
Quick story time I deleted this app recently bc it just completely stopped working for me and I tried everything to fix it with no avail. And then 2 says ago my dog and best friend Jack passed away. He was getting old and had been struggling with his health for a few months. But it hit me hard cause of had him since I was 4 and I'd basically grown up with him as sort of a little brother. Ik this is a weird pic to comment something like this on but I've been struggling to find my smile since he went. And at about 2am which was like 30 mins ago. I decided to try funnypics one last time and it worked. I'm back and in seconds I was already laughing again So thank you everyone for helping me. Even if you didn't even know you were doing it. on I've watched it 5 times and still don't get it (Upvotes: 35)
@mycatsanahole, are you for real? Dude it's not like they're forcing you to eat a veggie burger. You can still order a meat one on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 32)
El Santo is a legend. Dude NEVER took his mask off on Congrats!! (Upvotes: 14)
Lin for the win on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 10)

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