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@Marv The Martian, He's most likely the "rabbit," and he's actually there to keep everyone on course. However, if he were fast enough to stay in the lead, well, he'd be in the race. So, he'll take shortcuts and pop back out in the lead in a minute or so. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 6)
While old English is always fun, this is a moot point. We're forgetting that the "gif" argument is centered around the fact that it is an acronym more than it is a standalone word. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 1)
To all trans, non-binary, or questioning members of this community: I support you, others support you, and if you’ve read this far in the comments, I hope you’re ok. There’s a lot of hate on this post. I’m sorry for that. I hope you have a great day despite it. Keep fighting the good fight. You exist, you’re valid, and you’re beautiful. on Gender Science (Upvotes: 1)
@Filthy Lint Licker, I see that the meme is specifically calling out feminist extremists, but I see this message so often, and it's such a lame dig on women. on Double Standards (Upvotes: 0)
100 years ago: women were barely present in the workforce, and the wage gap was HUGE. Men were the sole providers, feeding into a culture of gold digging, vapidness, and women feeling all-around powerless. Now: Gap is narrowing every day, and women have a much more substantial role in the household finances. We are still fighting mainly for maternity leave and ridding the market of the pink tax. TL;DR: either give us financial equality, or pay for our dinner. We (read: most women) never asked for both. on Double Standards (Upvotes: 0)

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