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11/7/18 This guy legitimately got his channel terminated because of this video being against the YT terms of service. Apparently it is "violent and graphic content", yet brutal death comps are still fine. This is beyond bullshıt at this point imo. UPDATE: 11/8/18 He has since gotten his account unbanned because larger Youtubers started creating noise about it. YT folded and gave in to avoid more controversy. this doesn't mean they won't try things like this again, so ya'll keep your eyes open to their controls. on Can this hit 50 likes? (Upvotes: 52)
In hunting, you pray for a clean kill or a clean miss. This deer would make me feel sad if I took that shot. on Stealth skills (Upvotes: 52)
I watched a youtuber talking about a male feminist who commit suicide after the girl he loves falsely accuses him of sexual abuse. He explains how at this womans march, the people hosting it were shouting the names of known sexual abusers for humiliation. While attending it, he hears his name and freaks out, resulting in him killing himself a little while later. I think this is an overall sad story, and should be shared- on Old Format, Relevant Message (Upvotes: 45)
They followed me through the rest of the course yelling at me to turn around and apologize. I had just slid down the last slide before I was about to leave, and one of the kids grabbed my shoulder. I curled my fist, and turned around with it infront of me, punching it directly into grabby kids nose. As soon as I made contact, brother bear 2 attempted to grab me as well. I sent an Identical punch his way, and it too hit him in the nose. They both fell back, bleeding from the faces and crying. I stepped back in shock and then turned and ran to my parents. I was not a big kid at the time at all. I still think I'm too skinny sometimes but that didn't stop me. High on cake and Bravado, they messed with the wrong Birthday boy that day. on n/a (Upvotes: 34)
From what I've read and observed- The 15 year old girl being tackled had just finished being in a large cat-fight brawl with her mother and bystanders at the scene. Once a LEO began engaging with her, she starts to evade. -Opinion- Judging by the cops response, he might have seen some significant injuries on the mom prior and thought he had to give her the ol' ramsmash on Wasted (Upvotes: 31)

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