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@fuddruckers, I was also the only jew is my school. You can imagine the racism i endured. Apparently I'm supposed to have horns in my head. on My Town (Upvotes: 25)
I'm a white jew that is broke, I'm identifying as a naitive American so i can claim my reparations. All seriousness though, you can't identify as different ethnicity. You can be raised with one and assume the traditions but that doesn't make it the same. If you need to be validated so bad that you literally make sh1t up then I'm sorry, no racial id will compensate for your own lacking in personality. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 40)
@Spilled Milk, thanks for being honest and having a sense of humor. I'm a jew and I laugh at Jew joke's. on Doctor Oaks favorite question (Upvotes: 21)
This uncut section is Savage AF on Call of Duty - Orlando edition (Upvotes: 28)
@Ballistic Boner, probably, most likely knocked out or very disoriented by the impact. It looked like a minivan so I predict they all died. Morbid but I've seen whole families die together so I'm kinda immue to it. on did he died ? (Upvotes: 15)

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