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@Lord Commander Snow, it actually is embarrassing for them.... I once had a friend who spoke mandarin fluently and she had an Asian boyfriend (she was very white... That's important to the story) her boyfriend spoke only English..... While they were walking around in the Asian district of Seattle, an old woman came up and started yelling at her boyfriend in mandarin talking about how he was forsaking his family for dating a white girl, etc, etc..... He had no idea what she was saying.... However my friend was able to yell right back at the woman with amazing rebuttals and the woman actually got on her hands and knees and begged for forgiveness...... on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 90)
I almost had a heart attack when he moved... I thought it was just a normal picture and I was confused by "you really think someone would do that?" And then I noticed he was looking at me and almost threw my phone on Lying (Upvotes: 89)
Considers changing name to AnalThrasher69 on Role models (Upvotes: 51)
Which seeing as there's playing cards and a girl in a light blue frock, we can assume this is Alice in Wonderland, in which the doorknob is actually an important character on Beginnings of a glory hole? (Upvotes: 37)
Devil is a Part Timer!!!!!!!! on the devil is a part timer (Upvotes: 32)

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