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I think the whitest thing part was a lame attempt at a joke, but the 'only allowed to pick on white people' was the real funny that got it posted. I'm a person who isn't sexist, racist, whatever other ist/phobe intentionally, but I find stereotypes funny even when they are against me but white people are the only ones we can joke about publicly without feeling like we are stepping on a land mine. on Checkout divider (Upvotes: 30)
@Needless Contrarian, had to upvote, and I'm a Brit. Wait times are very high for free healthcare and i can't afford private. It's nice to have free healthcare as an option tho. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 15)
@troubled panda, the ring reaches out to any mind nearby, while traveling with the fellowship it reached out to Boromir who nearly attacked Frodo, then when Frodo escaped Boromir it reached out to Aragorn, who resisted it. Frodo realised it was going to reach out to anyone he was with and turn them against him and would have to travel alone. Sam refused to let him tho. edit: forgot to say that mouse would have been dead within the hour. on That wouldve been a lot faster (Upvotes: 10)
@megamanx181x, I thought he seemed a nice guy, until I saw how he reacted to Ricky Gervais at the Oscars, he was acting like what was being said was untrue and out of order. Then I realised he plays nice characters, but how much do we know about Tom Hanks? on Morgue music (Upvotes: 8)
@The Freaking FBI, people do this all the time to share something relateable and funny they found, why is it different/wrong this time? on Conflict Resolution (Upvotes: 8)

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