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Jesus christ guys, cultural appropriation isnt real. Its not a real thing. There's disrespecting a culture and then theres trying to take part in a culture. They are not the same. on Viking HAIR! (Upvotes: 113)
As a man with a penis i have to say I have no idea what the thing is. on Aye (Upvotes: 104)
@GayShjtSniper, in this day in age you gotta be specific. on Aye (Upvotes: 77)
are we just making everything into cute anime girls now? Because im down. on bleach (Upvotes: 76)
@Culparex, from what ive read and heard about pedophiles trying to abstain is that you never really get over it. Its a constant struggle to maintain morals and fight your desires. Believe me i dont like or agree with pedophiles but i think if they truly dont do harm to children and they stay clean then they are good people. You cant help what you like, but you have a choice to act on it. on Ha ha got em (Upvotes: 76)

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