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Jesus christ guys, cultural appropriation isnt real. Its not a real thing. There's disrespecting a culture and then theres trying to take part in a culture. They are not the same. on Viking HAIR! (Upvotes: 112)
are we just making everything into cute anime girls now? Because im down. on bleach (Upvotes: 75)
If you havent watched the debate between these two and you want to get terribly fed up with a woman to the point where you want to hit her but you know that would just validate her then watch it. Jordan Peterson vs Cathy newman. I couldn't sit through all of it. on So you're saying... (Upvotes: 48)
Also dont go through your partners sh!t. You should be able to trust your partner. Ive been cheated on so i get it but that doesnt condone that kind of behavior for ladies or the gents on Oooooooh (Upvotes: 42)
@Termy, its a sad boi with no cheesecake. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 39)

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