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Jesus Christ is my n*gga on Well dang (Upvotes: 72)
Ok I want to survey this app so if you're a boy like this on George (Upvotes: 227)
Aight so I’m a personal trainer, and it’s my job to tell you what you did wrong. Here it is: for a pull up, never use a spotter. Pull ups are a body weight exercise that does not require someone to bail you out, that’s the point of body weight. Secondly, he went to do what is called a “kipping” pull-up, which in and of itself is not wrong, but the banded pull-up is a progression of pull-ups. If you are using the band, you don’t need to kip. And if you are kipping, you don’t need a band. Third, he’s wearing tights, which is a Class A Felony. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 31)
What the cinnamon toast fvck is this on Title (Upvotes: 29)
I like how chill most of our community is. Yeah everyone has moments but overall we all love each other on Just sayin... (Upvotes: 46)

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