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The look on everyone's face, the employee, the mom, the little boy..they were all shocked..but what got me was my son..he looked at the little boy and said "I hope you have fun with it, it looks really cool"..my spirit soaring with pride in my son we watched the kid and his mom leave and the kid jumping for joy..the employee wiped away a tear and said that was the nicest thing I've ever seen here..I said "yeah your milk ring toss game is broken it's giving away free tickets" and walked out on When the Arcade Games are Rigged (Upvotes: 66)
I was at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday with my son..and one of the games we played ticket function was broke..it allowed you to pull out as many tickets as you could..I pulled and pulled and pulled till I had literally thousands of tickets..we went to turn all the tickets in about 20 minutes later and had enough to get the knex mario set..and as the employee went to get the step stool to get it down I had time to reflect on what I was about to teach my 4 year old son..as the employee reached for the set another little boy and his mom came up, without sounding arrogant..they looked a little poor..the boy was looking at the toys he could get and his mom told him they had no more money to spend to get one of the slinkys he wanted..the employee wiped the dust off the mario set and handed it to me and the little boys eyes lit up so much..the mom told him that there's no way he'd ever be able to have one of those..I looked at the kid and said today's your lucky day kiddo and handed it to him.... on When the Arcade Games are Rigged (Upvotes: 65)
@Miles Tails Prower, while you make a great point most of the games you mentioned don't come out yearly and always claim to be better than all its predecessors in every way..while it would be stupid to say "ehh..it's not as good as the last one" to claim that it's the most innovative gameplay ever (which it seems to claim alot) is just ludicrous..it is the same da*n thing everytime..to each their own though..play on brother! on Many doubt (Upvotes: 27)
@PoseidonHimself , there's grants to earn and government assistance like fasfa..some colleges let you work on campus to lower your tuition..there's also some companies that will offer tuition reimbursement if you do internships and or just show interest in working with them..alot of these things take work and yes..part of me agrees it should overall be cheaper and more affordable..but at some point in adult life..you have to realize that you have to work for things you want..thanks for your respect and this is my respectful response..if only people could discuss things more like rather than demand...if for only on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 27)
This type of behavior should be discouraged on Hi Mom! (Upvotes: 16)

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