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Actually that fish is the Taiwanese lípú fish primarily found in the tansu river and the local villages around the river use the fish to clean water sources. They are known as Qīngłē fish or clean fish and that was all made up. I know nothing about these fish. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 168)
So basically Steve Jobs is a d!ck on Famous nerd facts (Upvotes: 92)
Okay guys so I got into a discussion with my girlfriend and she said it's easier for a guy to have sex with a girl and I replied with it's easier for a girl to have sex with a guy. Not taking most factors into consideration such as beliefs and morals. What do you guys and girls think? If a girl offered sex to 10 guys and the guy did the same to 10 girls. Who do you believe would get more yes's. Either reply or upvote for the girl and downvote for the guy also throw in your opinion. on Sad music (Upvotes: 71)
Or you know just don't rape women. And women don't rape men because that shït happens and all that happens is that the police laugh at you. I would know because it happened to me over a year ago. on The more you know (Upvotes: 63)
I asked my girlfriend if she wanted some solid d!ck and she said "if only you could get it solid" and I just stood there with my jaw dropped on Cap getting some Iron (Upvotes: 51)

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