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You are two in a million. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 8)
@Smity me boy, seeing as the last frame is literally lifted from One Piece, I'd say you are quite right. on Handbag (Upvotes: 7)
@Mr Bombastic, Yes. Also, most mammals can not cool their bodies (ie: panting) and perform aerobic activities at the same time. Humans can, that is why we sweat so profusely compared to other mammals. We happen to have developed alternative cooling mechanisms that happen to allow us to literally force other animals into heat-stroke by preventing them from resting and cooling themselves. So, humans are super effective against mammals. on Jogging from the perspective of animals (Upvotes: 6)
@megamanx181x, What we humans are built for is endurance running. Physical anthropology is a really awesome field to look into for questions like yours. on Go (Upvotes: 4)
@Prince super Vegeta , In Japanese, one of the readings for the kanji meaning 4 is "shi." "Shi" also happens to be the reading for the kanji meaning die. So, yes in Japanese the superstition is still there. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 1)

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