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Definitely worth watching if the cast remains the same............. EMMA WATSON LAY IN THE CHAMBER OF GENTLE ASS TO PLAY. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 33)
@Malekorath, I just googled it and there is no such dog breed as german walkie. F u for wasting my worthless time. on Walkies (Upvotes: 76)
When Jason was at the table I kept on seeing him look at me while he was with that other girl Do you think he was just doing that to make me jealous? Because he was totally texting me all night last night And I don't know if it's a booty call or not So... like what do you think? Did you think that girl was pretty? How did that girl even get in here? Do you see her? She's so short and that dress is so tacky Who wears Cheetah? It's not even summer, why does the DJ keep on playing "Summertime Sadness"? After we go to the bathroom, can we go smoke a cigarette? I really need one But first, Let me take a selfie on We wanted them smaller... (Upvotes: 41)
Waiting for her hair wig to fall. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 17)
I'm still thinking about that Godzilla Girl. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 15)

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