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You want a real jump scare? Get off the art blogs, go out and meet a girl. One night in the middle of nowhere you meet her, while you are grabbing street meat. You take her home and proceed to stumble your way into bed. Two weeks later she shows up to your fortress of solitude. Then proceeds to inform you she is late and would like to talk things over. Sure you worked a hard week and all you wanted to do was sleep. But you oblige her for the sake of being a good guy. As the two of you get to talking, she casually brings up the fact that there is pill from the clinic that can help out in this situation. You then ask her how to get it? She then informs you it only costs $3.50. Right then and there you realize she is an 8m tall, ocean going creature from the protozoic era. That's when you realize the lockness monster could have you in child support payments if you don't pay the $3.50. Is it worth the gamble you ask yourself? That's the real jump scare. on Mude (Upvotes: 81)
Another retoast? Well just f@ckin kill me then on Steve Lichman (Upvotes: 23)
Those penguins sure got smart by using mannequin legs to mask their escape. But little did they know the only thing they were escaping was their own futile stab at being rebels and off the grid. They knew nothing of the outside world until the fire nation attacked.... grabbing the last of their wits and courage and throwing it into the same sack the crazy cat lady put her rejects, they lept off the bridge into the unknown. As they swirled down the river they came to know as time, they met a fair salmon. This was the salmon king and he had only these words to offer " if you seek glory stray no further, but if immortality is what you seek I have the answer". The penguins desperate to get out of this facsimile of a nightmare life had become grasped at the salmon kings words. So they went upon him and asked "who do we seek?" At that moment a hillbilly in neither plaid nor hip waders rose from the shallows, and with these mighty words she thundered " to get to Madagascar will cost 3.50" on dont stop believing (Upvotes: 23)
Ahh yes im they turned the last two frames into a meme on jkmt (Upvotes: 14)
I'm assuming the black one dies first, but it's a shame because he looks like the dance coordinator for the vh1 special about the un-firables on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 12)

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